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Main page\Главная » 2007 » Сентябрь » 16 » Colin McRae died...
Colin McRae died...
Hey guys...

I just saw the article this morning...
Colin McRae died Saturday, September 15th 2007.
He flew in his helicopter with his son and two others.
Apparently, when he wanted to land the helicopter nearby his house, sonething went wrong.
To make it short: all passengers died...

I have searched the internet, to make sure this was no bogus news item, but sadly it is the real thing...
The official Colin McRae page is a black page at the moment, but I hope they'll open the condolence register soon, so all of us have a chance to say goodbye.
and the news on BBC:

Please keep your eyes out on the site, and show your compassion and support to Mrs McRae and their daughter who are left behind.

I'm very sorry to place this newsitem on ProMods, but since I was a huge fan of him, I couldn't let this pass by...

Rest in peace Colin...

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