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Honda NSX 02'
MaTuДата: Понедельник, 2007-12-17, 16:39:46 | Номер сообщения: 1
Группа: Удаленные

Okay promoders, i decided to show some of my latest work here.

I'm allowed to post english shit here right?

2002 Honda NSX tuned. Some own made custom kit or smtng so dont tell me "oooh this fender looks so wierd, show me ref pics!". No ref pics for this kit aight.

It may take some time if u got shitty internet connection. Deal with it.
Those are some 2000x1000 renders and seems u dont have image resize thingy so i just post links.

Here are some clay renders:

Started with scene:

All i wanna say keep it english here aight, i dont speak/understand russian tongue

Cheers cool

Post edited by MaTu - Понедельник, 2007-12-17, 16:41:57
VsedДата: Понедельник, 2007-12-17, 16:51:01 | Номер сообщения: 2
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very nice!I like it smile

JimДата: Понедельник, 2007-12-17, 17:41:45 | Номер сообщения: 3
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very goooooddd man))))good luck!

Post edited by Jim - Понедельник, 2007-12-17, 17:42:33
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